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Advisory Council of QHC

The Advisory Council of QHC is comprised of 54 members who represent the diversity of people and areas that QHC serves and play a valuable role in enhancing community involvement in the hospital. A total of 36 members are nominated by: the six municipal/county councils of the primary areas served by QHC; the three foundations that support QHC; and the four auxiliaries. Another 18 members "at large" were elected to make up the 54 member Advisory Council of QHC.

Rights and responsibilities of the Advisory Council of QHC are:

  • Serving as an advisory group for the Board of Directors and CEO to provide periodic advice on planning and priority setting;
  • Nominating rights and entitlement to apply for appointment to Board committees;
  • Attendance at QHC annual and member meetings; and
  • Receipt of updates on hospital activities, financial statements and the auditors' report.

Members are appointed for a three-year term.

Advisory Council of QHC

City of Belleville
Gerry Fraiberg
2 vacancies

Municipality of Brighton
April Plumton
Kim Pederson
1 vacancy

County of Prince Edward
3 vacancies

City of Quinte West
Bryan Callighan
Gail Conrick
Gerard Edison

County of Hastings
Bill Rothwell
2 vacancies

Town of Bancroft
Jessica Anderson
Patrick Murdock
Wayne Wiggins

Belleville General Hospital Foundation 
Bob Doyle
Karen-Ann Bandler
Kim Bishop
Peter Knudsen

Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Foundation
Don Wakefield
Leo Finnegan
Monica Alyea

Trenton Memorial Hospital Foundation
Gerald Draaistra
Peter Webb
1 vacancy

Belleville General Hospital Auxiliary
Leah Johnson
Nancy Dafoe

Trenton Memorial Hospital Auxiliary
Lynne LaRue
Pam Pettigrew

Prince Edward County Memorial Hospital Auxiliary
Liz Jones
Pat Evans

North Hastings District Hospital Auxiliary
Michael Brooks
1 vacancy

Members At Large
Angela Gill
Angela Clarke
Bob Gilchrist
Eileen Farrington
Jennifer Rainbird
Larry Zadow
Liz Gregory
Lois Hutchings
Maggie McDougall
Marianna Papaleo
Marilyn Jones
Margaret Walker
Nora Axhorn
Peggy Payne
4 vacancies* 


Advisory Member Expense Form (excel version)

Advisory Member Expense Form (pdf version)