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CEO Report:  2015/16 was an extremely challenging year at QHC.   We faced unprecedented financial pressures that consumed a disproportionate amount of the time and efforts of the management team and Board of QHC.  Throughout the processes, the politics, the media reports, the speculation, the unknown, the decisions - and subsequent changes to decisions- one constant remained: our care teams continued to care. 

While facing the emotional upheaval that accompanies uncertainty, our care teams continued to extend exceptional care to patients and family members.  They continued to support the members of their work family, and they continued to seek improvements along the way.  The staff, physicians and volunteers continued to live the values they helped to define - imagine it’s you, respect everyone, we all help provide care and always strive to improve.  

I will now take a moment to proudly brag about some of the many accomplishments of our team in 2015/16 …

  • Our quality of care was measured against over 2400 industry standards by experts in our field and we scored 99.9%, receiving Accreditation Canada’s highest designation of quality and safety of patient care - Exemplary Standing. 
  • Our MRI team looked at all their systems and processes to see how they could do better for our patients.  We now have the lowest wait times in the entire province. 
  • We changed our model of care to be more inter-professional.  This team approach was rolled out on every unit at QHC.  An effort that included the coordination of 57 days of education over the year to ensure all of our 685 nurses and 54 PSW’s understood this team approach to care.
  • We actioned our commitment to enhance care for seniors by implementing a Senior Care Strategy including the development of the new Acute Care for Elders unit and successfully receiving our Niche designation which is the largest geriatric nursing program available.
  • We were the first in our region to implement a new feature for administering hazardous drugs in our oncology department improving safety for our patients and staff.  Now others in the region are following suit.
  • Hundreds registered to be organ donors thanks to our staff’s “be a donor” campaign in conjunction with the Trillium Gift of Life Network.
  • Staff members raised $15,000 toward the United Way of Quinte to help the people in our communities.
  • Cancer Care Ontario acknowledged QHC’s successful improvement efforts including reducing wait times for cancer patients and we were awarded a Quality Health Care Workplace Award by the Ontario Hospital Association.
  • These are just a handful of examples that show the “above and beyond” accomplishments by our teams of staff, volunteers and physicians at QHC hospitals.  This in addition to caring for 102,500 patients in our emergency departments, 13,200 in patients, performing 142,200 diagnostic images, conducting 24,500 surgeries and delivering 1532 babies. 

This year’s Annual Report is a celebration of that unwavering commitment to patient care our team provides each and every day, through good times and bad.  It’s a celebration of what remains at the heart of health care.  It’s not about the politics, it’s not about the money.  It’s about the people that make QHC hospitals great.  I thank our staff, physicians and volunteers for their commitment to providing exceptional patient care.   

----President & CEO Mary Clare Egberts

Board Chair Report: In 2015 I was informed - along with my fellow board members - that QHC was about to face the most significant financial challenge to date.   After already removing about $25 million in expenses in three years, we were looking at the need to reduce by another 11.5 million dollars.  Clearly, my timing to be chair of the board of QHC was impeccable.   

The challenge before us was clear.  How could we remove 11.5 million dollars from our operating budget while still providing the quality hospital services our communities deserve?  Our senior leadership team, along with the board had to make our financial reality a primary focal point, while also never taking our eye off quality.   I’m proud of the work we did when faced with such a difficult situation.  We ensured patient safety and quality of care remained at the forefront of any decisions being considered. 

In reflecting on 2015-16…. I think of the saying “Tough times never last, but tough people do.”  I want to first thank the tremendous staff, physicians and volunteers at all four QHC hospitals.  It’s extremely unsettling to come to work every day not knowing what the future holds.   You are to be commended.  I also want to acknowledge my fellow board members for ‘sticking it out’. I’m sure there were times when it may have been tempting to throw your hands up, and your resignations forward. 

I want to thank the members of QHC’s senior leadership team. To say that running four hospitals is complex is a vast understatement.  Add to that the dynamic of provincial health care reform…and it’s a good thing for all of us that you come to the leadership table with more than 175 years of combined health care experience.  You have a tough job and you’re not likely to win many popularly contests.  But as leaders in the constantly evolving health care sector, you know that making the right decisions isn’t about what’s popular- it’s about what’s best for the patients in our region to ensure sustainable services into the future. 

While we must, of course, continue to be diligent to meet expected costs set out by the province- we are here today in a more financially stable situation.  We have worked hard to ensure the LHIN and the Ministry understand the challenges that the new funding formula posed to QHC as one organization operating four hospitals.   We are grateful for the additional support recently extended to QHC. It’s clear that the future of health care is about better collaboration with our partners to improve access to care.  We will continue our active role along with all hospitals in our LHIN on Health Care Tomorrow initiatives looking at better integrated care for the people of our region.  We also remain committed to working with other local health care providers as part of the proposed TMH Health Hub.  We are excited about the good work of the LHIN’s TMH Task Force.

In closing, I want to thank the communities for the passion you have for your community hospitals.   To the Foundations and Auxiliaries that support QHC hospitals, I thank you for your continued support and partnership.  We simply couldn’t do it without you. 

I look ahead to 2016/17 with optimism as we continue to look for ways to improve the patient experience, wait times and care for seniors, while also improving the work experience for staff and physicians.   I for one am happy to have the focus less on the fiscal side of the house, and more on what inspires all of us that are involved in health care- patient care.  

---Board Chair Tricia Anderson