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PECMH Redevelopment Project site selection process video Q&A- Click on the video for the answer! 

1. What are the two sites being considered for the new PECMH? How did we arrive at these two site options? 

QHC Capital Projects Director Bill Andrews: 

2.  Are there any concerns about soil contaminants from industrial activity at 10 McFarland Drive impacting the land on the existing hospital site? 

QHC Capital Projects Director Bill Andrews: 

3.  What considerations will be taken into account in deciding what site to recommend to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care? 

Architect Jason-Emery Groen, HDR

4.   What kind of things are considered within each criteria category? 

Architect Jason-Emery Groen, HDR

4.  How is the PECMH Redevelopment Steering Committee reaching out to the community and partners to gather input?   

QHC Senior Director Susan Rowe

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